Effective campaign digital marketing requires mastery of many different disciplines. Below are all of the services we offer to help you achieve your goals.

Custom Digital Strategy​

There are endless options for deploying a digital budget, and only one will maximize a campaign’s chances of success. We combine proven strategies from Silicon Valley with decades of political experience—We believe this fusion of talent makes us the best in the political and public affairs sector at crafting winning game plans for our clients.

Targeted Advertising

The digital ad landscape is vast and complicated. We have spent thousands of hours navigating it, and we use that expertise to best deploy our client’s budgets to reach, persuade, and activate.  If your target audience is online, our digital buying tactics will find them. 

Graphic of The Digital Ad Landscape According to COMPETE
3 examples of design and Video

Design and Video

Our creative team features children’s book illustrators, campaign managers turned coders, and designers with a knack for new media. We create content that demands attention throughout the noisy digital space. No matter the internet browsing habits of your target audience, we make sure your message moves them.

Web Design and Development

Whether you need a simple communication focused landing page, an editable WordPress website for your campaign launch, or a complex and custom project that has never been done before, COMPETE’s team of designers and developers will turn your vision into reality.
Photo of a man on a computer doing emails

Digital Fundraising

Ranging from full digital fundraising programs to simple newsletters that keep your most loyal supporters up to date, email marketing is a crucial backbone of many successful digital strategies. Our copywriters and strategists will fold our email program into your larger strategy, and make sure that your presence in your audience’s inbox best serves your goals.

Photo of a person holding their phone with a right and wrong choice on the screen

Digital Polling

One of our co-founders is also the principal at Frederick Polls, a premiere message testing firm that draws on Keith’s 35 years of experience as a pollster. We partner with Frederick Polls to offer our clients cost effective digital polling that delivers message testing data from more digitally inclined segments of the population that don’t respond to phone surveys.

Social Media Management

In today's world, filling your organic Social Media accounts with rich and engaging content is essential to winning votes online.  We’ve put in the time researching and managing successful Social Media accounts, and we know what makes them tick.  Whether you need a full service Social Media package or just some training for your internal team, we'll turn your Social Media into an essential asset for reaching and persuading your audience.

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Photo of a group of people on their phones while sitting down

Texting and Robocalls

Want a medium that has an open rate of well over 70%? When used effectively, texting is a magnificent way to get concise messages out quickly to narrowly targeted voters. We’ve done the research and have the experience necessary to help you develop the right messages, at the correct length, with the best responses in order to move opinion. Everyone texts. We will make sure that you text right.

Photo of Team COMPETE at a Shoot for Makya Little

Photo and Video Shoots

Our Digital ads are only as good as the raw photo and video assets we have to work off of, which is why we offer full photo and video shoots. Whether you need a one person, half day job, or a 3-5 person crew and a 1-2 day shoot, our team of videographers and photographers can create the basic assets the entire media program will need to make magic.

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