Win your race

Campaign Communications and Persuasion Advertising

We blend digital strategy, graphic design, videography, ad auction navigation, and web development together to craft a digital presence for our clients that wins the most possible votes out of their communication budgets.

Here are the foundational strategies we’ll use to help you win:

The marketing funnel

Understanding the Digital Journey

Only a small percentage of your target audience starts ready to watch your two minute long intro video or read about your policy stancesit often takes many touches before they are ready to consume longer content.  Our programs are designed to drive voters “Down the funnel” towards voting and beyond. The more someone engages with compelling, authentic, message-tested content, the more likely they are to support your cause.


Web of Digital Assets

Everyone internets differently, and one type of of ad will not be able to break through every voter’s preferred way of consuming media. We create a web of compelling content to ensure the maximum number of online voters are moved by your message. Our creative team will take your winning message strategy and turn it into Video, Banner, and Native ads that reach and persuade your target audience across the internet, as well as compelling websites that seal their support when they are ready to learn more.
A partner you can trust

Transparency and Accountability​

Digital campaigns are vast and complicatedclients should feel confident their digital provider is deploying their budget effectively and honestly. We pride ourselves on our pricing structure, reporting, and 100% transparency. These commitments give us the right incentive structure to do good work, not maximize our profit by gaming CPM’s or hiding extra fees.

We believe our reporting is second to none in the Poli-Digi space.

Expert Navigation of Digital Ad Auctions​​

Digital ad buy operates within a giant, fractured, real-time auction, where small changes in tactics and a few button clicks within the ad platforms can produce profound improvements in campaign effectiveness. Facebook Ads works quite differently than Google Ads, which works quite differently from the premiere Programmatic DSPs. These ad platforms are giant video games, and we have spent thousands of hours learning how to win the game for our clients. Our expertise maximizes the impact of your budget at persuading voters.

Click the graphic to see the Digital Ad Landscape according to COMPETE

Case Study

Download a case study about how voters who saw our Congressional Candidate’s Digital ads were 12% more likely to vote for our client.

Case Study

Download a case study about how we helped a Board of Supervisors candidate blow away their competition with digital ads.


What our clients say

As a first time candidate in a crowded primary, COMPETE gave me the edge I needed to reach new voters and win my race.
Rodney Lusk
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
The COMPETE team was dependable, kind, and responsive in a stressful time for our campaign. Highly recommend!
Abrar Omeish
Fairfax County School Board