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Digital Guide to Down-Ballot Campaigns

The word “Digital” is a catch all for a vast and complicated set of online priorities for every political campaign. Our guide will help Down-Ballot Campaigns understand what they need to focus on and budget for at different stages in the election season to harness the internet and achieve victory.  Download the guide below today!

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The guide covers:

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COMPETE Digital Whitepaper for Download Cover
As a first time candidate in a crowded primary, COMPETE gave me the edge I needed to reach new voters and win my race.
Photo of Rodney Lusk
Rodney Lusk
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
The COMPETE team was dependable, kind, and responsive in a stressful time for our campaign. Highly recommend!
Photo of Abrar Omeish
Abrar Omeish
Fairfax County School Board
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