2020 taught us that traditional methods for acquiring polling data are broken. Our innovative text-to-online interview and Digital technology, combined with quota sampling that ensures survey responses match the demographic and geographic data of the electorate, put accurate, affordable data at the fingertips of campaigns and consultants across the country.

More accurate data at a better price

COMPETE's text-to-online interview delivers higher response rates than traditional live caller polling, providing samples at a lower cost. Polling no longer needs to rely on verbal message tests read by a live caller interviewer to an ever dwindling, less representative audience. By utilizing online and visual platforms to conduct interviews, we offer the option to test both video and print creative options, giving your campaign the opportunity to get real reactions to potential messages as they would appear when executed.

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The key to accurate polling today: geographic and demographic quota sampling

Geographic density and demographics drive election outcomes. The bright lines between urban and rural America have never been clearer as we all watched states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin fill in vote counts the few days after election night. Whether at the County or local Precinct level, polls that got it wrong in 2020 systematically undersampled key areas and key constituencies. The path to more accurate and better poll samples is to quota by geographic area and demographics. For each client, COMPETE will employ its data analytic expertise to custom build a quota model for your electorate that will drive our sampling and interviewing to produce a better, more accurate read of your electorate.

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Integration of message testing and message delivery

After delivering poll results that provide an accurate road map of where your election starts and what message strategy maximizes your path to victory, our firm can fully integrate with your campaign to execute cutting edge Digital advertising campaigns. COMPETE is a full service Digital agency that:

  • Helps campaigns raise money online
  • Creates media to execute the message strategy
  • Delivers message tested ads to your target audience everywhere they internet.

Check out COMPETE's 2021 Highlight Reel for some of our best message delivery work from last cycle.

What Our Clients Say

COMPETE Polls is one of the most innovative and exciting new community survey firms I have worked with in my 34 years of public affairs and political consulting. Keith Frederick ranks among the most accomplished and experienced pollsters in the nation, and this product combines his deep insight with COMPETE Digital’s ability to optimize response acquisition for the online, mobile world. The end result is accurate data and messaging guidance that will power your campaign to victory.
John Britz
John Britz
Principal | The Britz Company
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