Pass your legislation

Public Affairs and Digital Advocacy

Lawmakers, their staff, and lobbyists are listening for feedback – we harness the internet to make sure you have the biggest megaphone.

Here are the strategies we use to to help our public affairs and digital advocacy clients pass legislation:

Flood the Zone

Lawmakers can be overwhelmed by all of the different bills they have to consider at once.  Our “Flood the Zone” campaigns ensure your message is top of mind at the most critical time for your legislation.  We use pinpoint Digital targeting methods and compelling creative to inundate lawmakers, stakeholders, and everyone in their lives with your message online.  You’ll have a persistent presence in their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.  No matter how your targets prefer to internet – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, or the wider web – our strategies ensure they receive your message

Generate Action

Lawmakers are listening for feedback from constituents—our “Generate Action” campaigns fill their inboxes and phone lines with constituent support for your bill.    Our Social Media campaigns activate supporters to email, call, and/or sign petitions in support of your legislation, creating pressure that the elected officials will heed. In addition to the primary benefit of generating constituent actions that lawmakers heed, these campaigns have huge secondary benefits of raising awareness of your cause amongst interested parties across the state or region your legislation affects.

Enable your champions

Re-Engage Supporters

You may be starting out with a captive audience ready to support your cause. We will grow that audience with newly activated members as the campaign progresses. These folks who have already raised their hand to say they’re on your team can be reactivated over and over again to reach out to lawmakers to make their voice heard on your behalf. Using cutting edge action software and email marketing best practices, we’ll make it easy as a few button clicks for these hardcore supporters to stay engaged.


What our clients say

Hiring COMPETE was one of the best decisions I made this year. The team provided a clear structure for collaborating, implemented a sharp digital strategy, and kept pace with the legislative session’s dynamic calendar.
Cassady Craighill
Communications Director
Clean Virginia
Every day, I heard from lawmakers who had been personally reached by COMPETE's digital efforts. They played a crucial role in securing our preferred legislative outcome.
Brian May
Floridian Partners