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Your audience—parents, teachers, students, and the community—is online. Our award-winning and battle-tested approach to helping schools harness the internet will win wherever you need it.

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Why we launched COMPETE Schools

The current options for Digital in the public education sector aren’t good enough. Public education advocates must be empowered to communicate with the online world. COMPETE Schools combines decades of public education experience with proven digital marketing strategies to help schools, districts, and teachers utilize new media to pass legislation, win public support, and build better-funded public education programs for students and communities.

Who We Work With

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John Britz

The COMPETE Schools Team

COMPETE Schools is led by John Britz, who has over 30 years of experience consulting and managing school bond and mill levy override elections. His work has led to the passage of over $3.8 billion in new revenue for public schools. Britz has had the honor of serving as general political consultant on several incredibly unique Colorado statewide ballot issues campaigns over the span of his career. His leadership defeating two particularly divisive anti-public education conservatives led to groundbreaking results. Britz was the mastermind behind campaigns that 1) prevented the attempt of a tuition-tax credit (school vouchers) amendment into the Colorado constitution and 2) stopped a movement to ban bilingual education in Colorado by nationally known antibilingual activist Ron Unz.​

How We Do It

Digital Foundations/Maps

Most large school districts are made up of identifiable “feeder zones”—distinct areas with specific interests.  We can use those differences to your advantage by creating a Pollie award-winning interactive map that builds a sense of community with the folks you need to influence. Our interactive maps serve as a catalyst for reaching out to your persuasion universe with unique messaging that serves their interests.
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Digital Ad Creation

Every person you want to reach internets differently; whether they spend their time scrolling through social media, reading local news websites, or watching Connected TV, you will need a web of compelling digital assets to reach them on every platform. We create customized ads to reflect your diverse audience, formatted correctly to earn you discounts and optimal placement. For some of our best work, check out our 2020 highlight reel.

Ad Placement and Delivery

COMPETE Schools' boasts decades of experience navigating the giant, fractured, real-time auction that is Digital Ad buy. Small changes in tactics and a few button clicks by our team can produce huge increases in the effectiveness of the buy. Our digital expertise, forged in Silicon Valley, will maximize the impact of your budget and allow you to reach your target audience the perfect number of times at the lowest possible cost. 

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Younger voters and parents of school-aged children respond better to quick, message focused ads that hit their smart phones or watches within minutes of launch. Whatever your messaging centers around, we can segment your texting program to create unique content that resonates with different target groups. 

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Image of the Case Study of COMPETE Schools

Mill and Bond Case Study​

Download a case study about how COMPETE helped the Cherry Creek school district develop an interactive map to show the effects of ballot measures. After Cherry Creek narrowly passed their 2016 mill and bond ballot measures by less than 1 percent, COMPETE was brought on to be part of the new team to ensure the 2020 campaign margin was much more comfortable. Through innovative digital strategies and collaboration with the school district and the full consulting team, COMPETE’s efforts helped pass the 2020 mill and bond by double digit margins, blowing their previous result out of the water.

COMPETE was a great partner for our district’s mill and bond campaign from start to finish. Their digital strategy and execution were a huge contributor to our record breaking victory. Highly recommend.
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Scott Siegfried
Cherry Creek Schools Superintendent
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