COMPETE Launches a New Website!

Since we launched COMPETE in January of 2019, I’ve made the case to a lot of different people that COMPETE can help them better harness the internet to win their election or pass their legislation.  Whenever folks would ask me for more information about COMPETE, I was hesitant to direct them to our “starter” website.  I was trying to convince them that we were good at digital, and that they should let us build their website! Our old website did not help me make the case. It could be described as spunky and colorful, at best.

We are so excited to launch the website you are on now – 2.0!   Here are some of the highlights:

Our services page lists the many different digital disciplines we weave together to achieve our client’s goals.

Our campaign communications page goes into detail about how we help campaigns craft a winning digital presence.

Our public affairs page shares the innovative strategies we employ to help our advocacy clients pass legislation.

Our fundraising and acquisition page boils down how we fuse Silicon Valley lead acquisition strategies with proven Political best practices to maximize our client’s return on investment.

And, last but not least, our Meet the Team page features the talented and eclectic group that power our clients’ success!

We hope that our new website better communicates the value we provide to our clients, and the high quality of our work.

Zach Mandelblatt

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