There are hundreds of options for deploying a budget across the fractured and diverse Digital ad landscape, and only one of those options maximizes your chance of success. Our team of strategists will help you decide where, how, and when to leverage your resources for the biggest impact.

How We Strategize

Every ad platform offers advertisers different combinations of price per unit (CPM), quality of ad inventory, targeting methods, and market share. Our job is to determine how your campaign can best utilize each of these platforms. We always keep in mind that every member of your target audience internets differently, so the more platforms you can deploy your campaign on, the better.

The graphic below is a starting point for how we think about where to buy, and at what budget level per target, for a standard electoral campaign.

The Digital Ad Landscape

dollar per target graph showing where we spend money

Saturation Underpins Everything

All of our Digital programs are crafted around the concept of “Saturation” – we want to serve enough ads to each target audience member so that our message seeps into their brain. However, it is easy for folks to skip or tune out many Digital ads. Over-serving the same ads results in targets ignoring the ads, and rendering the ad buy ineffective. Our programs are designed to find the optimal balance of creative and ad buy that maximizes return on ad spend.

Our Team is Your Team

Putting together an optimal, innovative Digital program takes a team of experts with diverse skill sets. We’ve got you covered.

Nimble. Responsive.
Ready to pivot.

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans need to change, and after a campaign kicks off, we are constantly evaluating the strategy’s effectiveness to make sure it is still the optimal path. If your priorities change, the opposition changes up, or the cost-per-ad is drastically different than we initially laid out, we will recommend a different strategy. We are your strategic partner, and we will be ready to help you pivot and innovate if it increases your chances of success.

Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus

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