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Your cause is too important to fail – and COMPETE is the innovative, nimble partner that will help maximize your Public Affairs campaign’s chances to succeed.

Who We Work With

In today’s online world, left-of-center causes need innovative Digital programs to achieve their preferred legislative outcomes. We are a second-generation firm that was created to challenge and disrupt a market serviced by imperfect first-generation providers. Whether you champion public schools, the environment, unions, or other progressive causes, COMPETE stands ready to help you influence and win. Our team will fully integrate with your messaging gurus to ensure we thoroughly understand your cause and execute the path to victory.

How We Strategize

The most important decision you will make as you begin a Digital Advocacy campaign is how to divide your budget between different platforms and influence tactics. Our team of strategists will help you decide where, how, and when to use your dollars in the Digital space to maximize your chance of being in front of your targets at the right time and place to influence them.

The Digital Ad Landscape

dollar per target graph showing where we spend money

Custom Solutions

We have found there is no one-size-fits-all solution for public affairs campaigns. Though we use similar tactics, every cause is unique, and every plan must be tailored to your desired result. Read on to learn more, or get in touch. We would be happy to make recommendations for your cause.

We generally deploy 3 primary tactics: Flood the Zone, Surround Sound, and Generate Action.

Flood the Zone

Lawmakers can be overwhelmed by all of the different bills they have to consider at once. Our “Flood the Zone” campaigns ensure your message is top of mind at the most critical time for your legislation. We use pinpoint Digital targeting methods and compelling creative to inundate lawmakers, stakeholders, and everyone in a certain geographic location with your message online. You’ll have a persistent presence on their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. No matter how your targets like to use the internet – Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, the wider web, Connected TV – our strategies ensure they receive your message.

Surround Sound

Working with data partners, we can map the social networks of targeted decision-makers: their families, staff, neighbors, donors, college friends, and much much more. We can then target and serve Digital ads to not just the decision-makers themselves, but everyone in their lives. This creates a “Surround Sound” effect that greatly amplifies the pressure they feel to support your cause.

Generate Action

There is an army of supporters out there ready to support your cause, and lawmakers are sensitive to constituent feedback. Our Social Media and texting campaigns hone in on these supporters and activate them to contact lawmakers on your behalf. In addition to the primary benefit of generating constituent actions that lawmakers heed, these campaigns have huge secondary benefits of raising awareness of your cause amongst interested parties across the state or region your legislation affects.

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