We believe that the art of getting a Digital ad in front of the right target audience at the right price is a skill unto itself that many of our competitors undervalue. Seeing this blind spot in the left-of-center political advertising market, and wanting to help campaigns buy Digital ads smarter and better, was the genesis for our firm’s creation. True to our origins, our team of skilled experts is always innovating with the newest targeting techniques and technology so that you're reaching your audience with the most accurate, best-priced, highest-value spots everywhere on the internet.

Meeting Cord-Cutters Where They are Going

As the media landscape fractures, members of your target audience are reachable less and less through traditional media buying options, and more and more through programmatic advertising. Digital ads are bought and sold in real-time programmatic auctions that function like giant video games or stock buy-sell programs. We believe that as more media is bought in this manner – including a massive increase in the amount of Programmatically bought Connected TV inventory – our skills have become more relevant to media efficiency and effectiveness.

Sweating the Details to Maximize Budget Impact

When you work with COMPETE, we sweat the details of every campaign buy, and every ad platform back end, so you’re always getting the highest return on your ad spend. Here are some examples of how the art of Digital ad buying can increase program effectiveness:
  • Did you know that you can pay less for Connected TV ads simply by bidding less for inventory in the Demand Side Platform they are bought and sold in?
  • Or that Youtube campaigns are automatically set to include folks under the age of 18 in their target audiences?
  • Or that you may pay up to 15% more per unit for Social Media ad inventory if the ads aren’t formatted properly?
Of course you didn’t – that’s our job! Every ad platform offers Digital advertisers a host of different options for how to set a campaign up. There are dozens of micro-optimizations that can add up to make a buy exponentially more effective than it would be with a “set if and forget it” approach.

Unmatched Targeting (1:1, Dynamic, and everything else)

Every platform lets advertisers target in different ways. Some allow us to use 1:1 data, like voter or influencer target lists. Others do not. COMPETE is always seeking out the best data partners and buying software to give our experts the tools they need to deploy maximally efficient campaigns. Our “Digital Ad Landscape” graphic below breaks down, for electoral campaigns, what types of targeting methods we can deploy and where. This is constantly changing as advertisers evolve, and it is our job to make sure we stay up with the trends.

The Digital Ad Landscape

dollar per target graph showing where we spend money

Cutting Edge Reporting

Digital advertising doesn’t need to be a black box. We believe that comprehensive but consumable reporting is essential for Digital advertisers to provide, as it shows that we are executing the program effectively. We provide our clients with real-time dashboards that update daily, and our team of Strategists will always give you high-level roll-ups of the most important metrics so you don’t have to dive in if you don’t have time. Our cutting-edge reports can also be customized for your campaign or business.

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