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Your base is waiting to hear from you, but Social Media management can be an endless time suck for campaigns, causes, and the people running them. From keeping up with trends, to researching and expanding to new platforms, to creating engaging content – our team can be the engine that helps you maximize your Social presence.

How Social Media Helps Campaigns and Causes

Simply put, having a Social Media presence is a direct line to your audience, your constituents, and those who care about the issues. Social Media:
  • Organically establishes your voice and tone
  • Allows you to engage directly with the public
  • Provides the perfect avenue to react in real-time and align yourself with issues, news, initiatives, and crises
  • Speaks to and reaches audiences of all generations and backgrounds
  • Can help message test for free through polls, questions, and surveys

Planning Content & Getting Approvals

Did you know the most successful Social Media channels interact with their followers daily? We take the stress of figuring out what to say, when to say it, and getting sign offs from stakeholders off your plate with interactive calendars and clear chains of approval.

Unique & Engaging Assets

We pride ourselves on our ability to learn each client’s unique voice and style. Our initial kick-off call includes in depth questions to learn each client’s preferences which is our first step towards creating exceptional assets that lead to more engagement. We work together with your on-the-ground team to create videos, graphics, Meta stories, and beyond!

Community Management & Rapid Response

Social Media is designed to be instantly gratifying and respond to the ground game in real time. Our team is nimble and always ready to craft a response at critical moments. This also includes what we call “community management” which includes interacting with followers on a daily basis. Social Media should be a two-way conversation – and we never want to make the mistake of using Social Media as a megaphone rather than a telephone. We make sure comments are responded to, messages are checked, and mentions are attended to.

Weekly Meetings & Measured Results

Social Media is successful when we work together! We make time to connect weekly or bi-weekly to ensure we are planning relevant content and taking advantage of upcoming events and announcements. We also believe in measured results and send out monthly reports that detail exactly what is working and where we can improve.

Our team of Social Media professionals are ready to help take your campaign to the next level! We love getting to know our clients and their individual visions and needs for their Social Media.

Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus

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