Motion and
Graphic Design

Whether you need a full production shoot or are stringing together assets on the fly, our award-winning creative team creates content that demands attention throughout the noisy Digital space. From concepting and pre-production to post-production, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

From Idea to Concept
to Launch

Using a combination of candidate interviews, knowledge of the political field, collaboration with stakeholders, and available polling, we will help you craft a winning messaging strategy and individual assets that synergize the unique elements of your path to victory into easily digestible internet-worthy bites. When concepting, our team will always keep Digital best practices in mind so that your content is tailored for maximum impact on every platform it is deployed – from Social to Connected TV and everything in between.

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Video Shoots

Our highly skilled videographers and photographers can be dispatched anywhere in the country to capture your campaign video, and our video editors are ready to craft this footage into compelling Digital, broadcast, and social ads.

Logo and Brand Design

We understand that your website can only look as good as the logo and brand scheme that it is built around. Our team of excellent designers will make your organization stand out. We’ll examine others in your industry, the common color trends, and your current logo (if applicable). Then, we’ll brainstorm new ideas by creating sketches or rough compositions for you to choose from. From there, you can select an approach for us to expand on. Finally, we’ll deliver vector and raster versions of your logo in color, black, and white so you can use them in any scenario. 

Editing + Motion Graphics

As Digital ads have come to dominate the voting world, adding motion graphics to your assets is even more important. Our specialized motion team delivers cutting-edge creative to help you stand out. We are experts at taking anything – be it campaign stills, iPhone clips, or professional footage – and turning it into Digital assets that will persuade, influence, or earn you votes.

Graphic Design

Your target audience is inundated with images and ads – between 4,000 and 10,000 per day. Our graphic design team makes sure yours are the ones they remember.

Multilingual Ads

It is absolutely critical to reach audiences in the language they are most comfortable with. We source translations from native speakers, with the utmost respect for locality and regional dialects, ensuring that all translations are more than just technically accurate—they are conversational and organic.

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