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We help candidates and ballot measures harness the internet to win elections.

Cutting-Edge Services for Democratic Campaigns

COMPETE was originally launched because our partners believed Democrats were paying too much for bad Digital, and it was costing them elections. 5 years and 400 campaigns later, we now see our place in the market as a second-generation firm whose job is challenging and disrupting a market serviced by imperfect first-generation campaign Digital partners. We provide campaigns from the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom with cutting-edge Digital Strategy, Creative, Buying, Fundraising, and everything in between.

How We Strategize

The most important strategic decision that you will make as you begin paid voter contact is how to divide your budget between the different channels for outreach. Our team of strategists will help you decide where, how, and when to use your dollars in the Digital space — From Connected TV to Social Media to across the Wider Web — to maximize your chances of winning.

The Digital Ad Landscape

dollar per target graph showing where we spend money

How We Create

As Digital ads have come to dominate the voting world, adding motion graphics to your assets is even more important. Our specialized motion team delivers cutting-edge creative to help you stand out. We are experts at taking anything – be it campaign stills, iPhone clips, or professional footage – and turning it into Digital assets that will persuade, influence, or earn you votes.

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How We Buy

When you partner with COMPETE, you’re targeting voters, not platforms. Because we do all of our ad buying in-house, you can feel confident that your intended audience is getting the message the optimal number of times. We tackle new platforms and opportunities head-on so that your campaign is always in the Digital spaces that are making the most impact. And our expert team of buyers ensures that you’re getting the best ad placements for the best price–every time.

How We Raise Money

Our team of seasoned fundraisers will maximize your campaign’s return.  Every candidate and cause has a different level of fundraising potential. We’ve seen countless “One Size Fits All” fundraising campaigns fail. Our team will analyze your unique circumstances and build a program customized for your success.

How We Make Your Online Presence Pop

Donors, supporters, and volunteers will be looking for who to support, and our web and Social Media teams can help your campaign make sure you get the most out of your online presence.

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