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For many campaigns, a robust email program is essential to your overall fundraising success. Our team of seasoned fundraisers and email professionals will maximize the return for your campaign or cause.

Strategy Tailored for You

Every candidate and cause has a different level of fundraising potential, and a “one size fits all” approach will almost certainly fail. Our team begins with a holistic audit of your current Digital presence and fundraising strategy, then we make suggestions on programs and list acquisition tactics that will maximize your investment.

List Building

We don’t just get you A list, we get you the Right list. With our years of experience in the Democratic email space, we know where to go (and just as importantly, where NOT to go) to get you the most bang for your acquisition buck. As your campaign’s needs grow, we also utilize texting and Digital ads to continue to reach your audience to grow your donor base. In the current Digital environment, a multipronged approach is a must – we’re ready to help you diversify and succeed.

Message Testing

We are firm believers that robust testing is critical to the success of any Digital program. Your hardcore supporters are likely going to be on a multitude of lists, so it’s critical your messaging breaks through the noise and doesn’t end up in trash bins and spam filters. There will be no boiler-plate, sky-is-falling email copy with us. Through smart testing and tracking, we’ll work with you to hone in on thoughtful and effective messaging for your unique list and, depending on size, test varying messaging streams.

Transparency and Accountability

COMPETE was founded specifically to address the lack of transparency and accountability we saw many other Poli-Digi firms providing to their clients. We provide actionable data that represents both successes and failures, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because this commitment to transparency gives us the right incentives to craft and execute the best program for you.

Julie Johnson
for Congress

2024 Primary Election
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