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April 2024 – TikTok Takeover to TikTok Ban

TikTok is going through ch-ch changes, here is what’s happening. From silent films to TikTok, video has dominated the world for over a century and has no intention of stopping, even as we navigate the threat of a “potential TikTok ban.” As we embark on arguably the most significant regulation against a tech platform, we

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March 2024 – Digital Ad Tips from 60 Super Tuesday Races

Digital Ad Tips from 60 Super Tuesday Races It’s only March, but the Creative Team at COMPETE is already in full swing with primary contests nationwide. It’s going to be a wild ride this year, donations are going to be flowing, and races are going to be super competitive. Not that it should ever be

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August 2023 – So Twitter is out, what’s next?

The ever-evolving world of social media and why it’s critical that you have a presence Remember Vine? MySpace? Google+? YikYak? Twitter? 😉 Welcome to the graveyard of platforms past and the social media world that is constantly changing. Just ask anyone on your team who has tried giving someone access to their client’s Facebook account.

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