Jorge Cabrera
Case Study

CT State Senate

2018: -77 Votes
Cabrera Loses

2020: +2076 Votes
With COMPETE, Cabrera Wins

After losing by less than 100 votes in 2018, Jorge Cabrera ran against longtime incumbent George Logan a 2nd time and won – this time by over 2,000 votes. Cabrera’s win gave Connecticut Democrats a supermajority in the State Senate. In a cycle where Democrats struggled down ballot, Cabrera bucked the trend. He credits COMPETE’s work as one of the big differences from 2018 that propelled him to victory.

Message Development and Execution Around a Winning Strategy

COMPETE worked hard as a contributor to Cabrera’s message development, helping craft and then executing the winning message strategy. We contrasted Cabrera’s proven history of problem solving and bipartisanship with his opponent’s compromised voting history, which had been influenced through his employment by Eversource, Connecticut’s state energy utility. The Connecticut Democrats also asked to use our Digital ads for TV, which we were happy to provide.

0 million

Message Delivery

We focused the Digital ad budget on persuading the 25,000 swing voters in the district that would decide the election. Over a 2 month period, we served 2.4 million ads to Cabrera’s persuasion audience, across nearly the entire Digital landscape. On just Facebook and Instagram, we reached 2/3’s of the target audience 34 times each. No matter where the target audience liked to internet, we made sure they received Cabrera’s message.

Where We Served Cabrera's Ads

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