Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus
Case Study

2022 General Election

We Won All 3 Targeted Races In A Tough 2022 Cycle.

Entering into 2022, the Nevada Senate Democrats faced the daunting task of holding their majority in the face of severe political headwinds and an unpopular incumbent Democratic Governor at the top of their ticket. They enlisted COMPETE to help run cutting edge Digital programs. Our goal was to win 1 of 3 targeted swing races and narrowly hold their majority. Together, we won ALL 3 targeted races, including picking up a seat to expand the majority, even as the Governor lost his re-election.

State Senators Melanie Scheible, Julie Pazina, and Marilyn Dondero-Loop

Using Polling to Craft Individualized Messages Around a Common Theme

Starting in August, with video shoots for each candidate, and ramping up through election day, we created a steady stream of polling-informed, Digitally optimized creative.  This enabled us to communicate with each district’s Persuasion audience across the internet throughout the election season. Polling in this race suggested that negative messaging was the most effective tactic, but we knew that allied IE groups were focusing on a heavily negative message.  This gave us the room to leverage our video shoot assets to create a more positive and contrast focused message.  These important swing races definitely reached media saturation–and in the midst of the flood of negative ads coming from both sides, we were able to remind voters that our Democratic candidates are good humans working to improve the lives of their constituents. We believe this tactic differentiated our candidates from their Republican opponents, and was a key to our success.

Digital Ads Per District
0 million
Key Voters Reached Per District

Watch Our videos

We created several videos in English and Spanish for each of the 3 candidates in Nevada. View some of them below:

Custom Landing Pages

We concepted and designed a contrast landing page for each candidate detailing where they stood in comparison to their opponent. Each landing page was made available in English and Spanish.

Message Delivery

Each district had Persuasion universes of about 40,000 voters that our path-to-victory indicated we should focus our budget on.   Over a 3 month period, we used cutting edge Digital targeting techniques to serve an average of 4.2 million digital ads in each district to their unique Persuasion universe. On Facebook alone, which made up just 25% of the total budget, we reached about 18,000 of the targets 54 times each throughout the campaign.

We identified that about 15% of our Persuasion universe was likely to be Spanish speaking.  Through browser language preferences and bilingual assets, we were able to ensure all targets saw media in their preferred language.

The Digital Ad Landscape

dollar per target graph showing where we spend money

Multilingual Ads

It is absolutely critical to reach audiences in the language they are most comfortable with. We source translations from native speakers, with the utmost respect for locality and regional dialects, ensuring that all translations are more than just technically accurate, they are conversational and organic.

About Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus

The Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus is dedicated to creating a stronger future for all Nevadans. Our members work together during session to pass legislation that will improve the lives of Nevada’s hardworking families. The Caucus also works together to recruit and elect Democratic leaders to the State Senate in districts across the state in order to protect our Democratic Majority.

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