Raise money and support

Digital Fundraising

Our team of seasoned fundraisers maximize return for campaigns and causes.

How We Do It

Strategy Tailored
For You

Every candidate and cause has a different level of fundraising potential. We’ve seen countless “One Size Fits All” fundraising campaigns fail. Our team will analyze your unique circumstance and build a program customized for your success.  We start with a holistic audit of your current digital presence and fundraising strategy, then make suggestions on templates, messaging streams, and list acquisition tactics that will maximize your return on investment.

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List Building

A robust digital fundraising list is critical for generating the actions and donations needed to run a successful campaign. We’ll make recommendations on list buys, swaps, and rentals that have the highest impact for your campaign, then negotiate with list growth providers on your behalf to ensure we’re getting the best possible ROI. Our digital ads and texting campaigns are also excellent methods for both growing your list and staying top of mind with your current donors.

Message Testing

We are firm believers that robust testing is critical to the success of any digital program. Your grassroots activists are going to be on a multitude of lists – so it’s critical your messaging breaks through the noise and stands out from the pack. We’ll work with you to hone in on thoughtful and effective messaging for your unique list. And, depending on the size of your list, we’ll test varying messaging streams.

Transparency and Accountability

COMPETE was founded specifically to address the lack of transparency and accountability we saw many other Poli-Digi firms providing to their clients.  We know how important it is to communicate our successes and failures with you on an ongoing basis — it will help us build trust and enable you to deploy our learnings to other aspects of the campaign.  We are committed to generating clear and actionable data on the success of our work, not just because we believe it is the right thing to do, but because this commitment to transparency gives us the right incentives to craft and execute the best program for you.

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