Raise money and support

Digital Fundraising and Campaign Email Marketing

We fuse innovations from Silicon Valley that help us better generate leads and fill pipeline with proven campaign email marketing practices to maximize our client’s digital fundraising and acquisition program’s return on investment.

This is how we raise money and support:

Keep the Winners

Identify Success

Fundraising and acquisition campaigns are trial and error – their success hinges on being able to determine which strategies are most effective. We will test out many different types of content, target audiences, and bid strategies to find the best bang for our client’s buck, then double down on winners that are giving us the best return. Whether we use Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Act Blue tracking, your Marketing Automation software, or all of the above, we know our campaigns will only be as good as the success data we have to optimize off of.

Message Testing

Digital targeting offers marketers the ability to reach the right audience with the right message in ways never before possible. However, finding that winning message takes time and testing. We’ll create sets of compelling creative and identify the issue, message, and ad format that your prospective donors are most receptive to. We always keep in mind that small dollar donor are being approached by a dozen other campaigns who want to turn their enthusiasm into money.  For us to succeed, we need your message and content to stand out from the pack.
Nurture your fans

Grow and maintain your email list

Email is still the cheapest and most effective method of digital communication. It is also an essential piece of digital fundraising campaigns looking to turn prospects into donors. We will grow your list by syncing with organic social media management, launching joint actions with like-minded organizations, and launching online advertising campaigns for acquisition. Once your list is growing, we create custom, reusable email templates that make your emails stand out in your supporter’s inbox.

Workflow Economies

To turn a prospect into a donor, fundraising and acquisition campaigns require compelling digital ads, landing pages, and email copy. A single message theme can be the jumping off point for a series of assets that work together to turn an individual browsing Facebook or Instagram into an activated, recurring donor. We create economies by repurposing message themes into a string of content assets, with efficient time investment on your ends and ours. We use these economies to continuously churn out compelling, affordable content for our clients.


What our clients say

We have been incredibly impressed with COMPETE’s ability to execute creative and compelling digital narratives. I would recommend them to anyone.
Andy Newbold
Head of Comms and Public Affairs
COMPETE is a good group of people, and a great firm. They're no BS, no unnecessary charges, and they'll work within your budget.
Andrew Whitley
Executive Director
Democratic Party of Virginia