Fresh polling from 3 swing states shows Biden poised for win

FrederickPolls, COMPETE, and AMM Political Strategies have released fresh Presidential endgame polling from the 3 most important swing states, which shows Joe Biden poised for a big Electoral College win.  Our total sample of 2,323 respondents has Biden leading Donald Trump in Pennsylvania (Biden +4), Florida (Biden +2), and North Carolina (Biden +2).  


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3 State Toplines

Pennsylvania – Poll ReportCrosstabs A ReportCrosstabs B Report

Florida – Poll ReportCrosstabs A ReportCrosstabs B Report

North Carolina – Poll Report Crosstabs A ReportCrosstabs B Report



This polling project is a joint venture of FrederickPolls, COMPETE, and AMM Political



FrederickPolls has 40 years’ experience polling the American electorate for political

candidates, ballot issues and for major national trade associations; based in

Arlington, Virginia. 

Role: Questionnaire; Tabulation; Analysis.

COMPETE is a first political cycle digital marketing firm based in Washington DC bringing skilled experience from Silicon Valley commercial digital operations to Democratic Politics. 

Role: Survey Hosting; List Management.

AMM Political Strategies is a Texas-based data analytics and national voter contact

industry leader since 2009 with a record helping winning campaign from President to

the State Legislature. 

Role: Data Collection; Cell Phone Text Invites.


Interview Method: These polls employ the newly developed interviewing technique using cell

phone texts to recruit respondents to click through to our survey platform and take the poll on

their smartphone.

Interview Dates: FRIDAY, 10/30 & SATURDAY, 10/31


Three State Toplines


PA Poll Report


PA Crosstabs A


PA Crosstabs B


FL Poll Report


FL Crosstabs A


FL Crosstabs B


NC Poll Report


NC Crosstabs A


NC Crosstabs B


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